Béton Malaxeur / toupie


Drum Rated Capacity: 4.8CBM
Drum Actual Capacity: 3.9CBM
Drum Concrete Output: 14 CBM/hour, up to 4 batches per hour
Drum Mixing Speed: 3 gears both Forward & Reverse Rotation
Drum Max. Slewing Angle: 270degree (Optional)
Engine: 95 kW (129 HP)/2400rpm YUCHAI 4108 Four-cylinder, Inline, Water-cooled, Four-stroke Turbocharged Diesel Engine
Drive System Hydraulic Component: Danvers Variable Stroke Pump
Gear Shift: 1 Forward, 1 Reverse, 1 High Speed, 1 Low Speed
Low Speed: 0-9.5 km/h
High Speed: 0-28 km/h
Drive: 4-wheel Drive
Gradeability: 30 degree
Hydraulic System: Two Variable Stroke Pumps-Driving Vehicle and Mixer Separately, Two Constant Rate Pumps-Providing power to Drum, Brake and Water System
Cabin: ROPS & FOPS Cabin
Bucket Capacity: 0.6 CBM with Hydraulic Controlled Gate
Chute: Hydraulically Controlled Adjustable Chute with 15 degree vertical movement and free horizontal movement
Brake: Wet Brake, Parking Brake with Gear Box
Tire: 16/70-20-16PR Rough Terrain Engineering Tire
Steering: Hydraulic Rear Wheel Steering
Inner Steering Radius: 1988mm/4130mm
Outer Steering Radius: 3767mm/6030mm
Battery: 2x 12V/120Ah Battery for Lighting & Ignition
Concrete Discharging Angle: 60degree
Fuel Tank Capacity: 110 L
Water Tank Capacity: 110 L
Weight: Empty Weight 8000 kg; Full-load Weight 18000 kg
Overall Dimension (L x W x H): 7500 x 2300 x 2900mm

270 degree Drum Slewing
Air Conditioning
Centralized Lubricating System
Other Engines

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